• Thibaut Pinot in action at Paris Nice 2020. (Getty)Source: Getty
Thibaut Pinot's father Régis told French radio station France Bleu of his anger at the unpreparedness of the nation to tackle the coronavirus after testing positive himself on Wednesday.
27 Mar 2020 - 11:44 AM 

A funeral director and mayor of Melisey in Haute-Saone, Régis Pinot expressed his anger at authorities not anticipating the crisis now affecting the entire nation. 

"I think we made mistakes and that we will draw the consequences afterwards," the 58-year-old said. 

"I'm disappointed in the French system. My wife is a nurse and it has been months since the nursing staff sounded the alarm and we did not take it seriously. However what is more important than health?"

Pinot believes he contracted the virus through his work as both a funeral director and local councillor and deplored France's personal protective equipment supply amidst the crisis. 

"This lack of equipment in France, the fifth world power, is unthinkable! I had to force (to even get tested)! 

"I wanted to know if I could continue to take care of the dead. When you have six deaths a day ... But I couldn't get tested. "

Pinot said while he has struggled with all of the symptoms since last Friday, respiratory problems were the hardest to deal with.

"The worst is lack of breath. This is terrible! When you have to get your breath very far, it is very hard."

For now, his son Thibaut is not affected by the virus but his father is taking every precaution he can to ensure he does not infect the Groupama-FDJ cyclist. 

"Thibaut is fine for now. I saw him behind the window last night because I don't want to let him approach. I don't want my kids to approach me while I'm contagious."

Pinot senior also believes the Tour de France should be postponed and not just because of coronavirus infection prevention reasons.

"Otherwise there will be inequalities. There are countries where you have the right to ride and others not."

"We will have to give everyone at least a month before resuming competitions so that they can get back on track. Otherwise, it will be unfair."