• The pack rides during the 2nd stage of the 107th edition of the Tour de France (AFP)Source: AFP
Feast your eyes on the incredible scenery from the 2020 Tour de France.
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8 Sep 2020 - 10:16 AM  UPDATED 21 Sep 2020 - 10:37 AM

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Stage 1

Some wild weather, but beautiful scenics from Southern France on the first day of the Tour!

Stage 2

All the beauty from the Cote de Azure to the Col de Turini!

Stage 3

Many more sights to behold, from the Col du Pilon to the towering medieval citadel in Sisteron!

Stage 4

More sweeping views from the riverbanks of Sisteron to the rocky heights of Orcieres-Merlette!

Stage 5

Stage 5 brought more lush green fields on the journey from Gap to Privas!

Stage 6

The South of France served up more stunning sights on a picturesque day in the sunshine!

Stage 7

Relive the beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture of Millau and Lavar!

Stage 8

The riders first venture into the Pyrenees gave us some incredible views amidst the climbs!

Stage 9

The misty descent from the Col de la Hourcère obscured rider's views, but made for some captivating scenery!

Stage 10

You can almost taste the salty air; a beautiful day in the sun awaits.

Stage 11

We leave the ocean behind and head across the fields of France and on to the mountains.

Stage 12

Stage 12 takes through a region rich with medieval history; fasten your bodices.

Stage 13

The fields of France give way to the mountains during Stage 13.

Stage 14

We travel across the belly of France during Stage 14 as the city of Lyon awaits.

Stage 15

The beautiful city of Lyon was the backdrop for the start of Stage 15.

Stage 16

The beautiful chateaus of the Isere region make for a stunning Stage 16.

Stage 17

This year's Queen Stage has the twin climbs of Col de la Madeline and  the Col de la Loze.

Stage 18

The majestic beauty of the Haute Savoie during Stage 18. The alpine wilderness that separates France from Italy.

Stage 19

The Tour heads north to it's eventual end in Paris. Stage 19 takes us from Bourg-en-Bresse to Champagnole.

Stage 20

The road from Lure to the Planche de belles Filles' was short but steep during Stage 20.

Stage 21

The Champs-Elysees awaited the men of the Tour. After 3477.2km, they have finally made it to Paris.