Bob Jungels (Deceuninck-Quick Step) was hit by an ambulance, after an earlier crash with Sergio Higuita, during a tumultuous Stage 15 of Tour de France.
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14 Sep 2020 - 3:01 PM 

The 27-year-old was earlier collided with Higuita, who was forced to abandon this year's Tour after crashing again later in the stage.

It prompted a heated reaction from Higuita's team boss Jonathan Vaughters towards Jungels.

'Jungels is not my favourite person right now' - Higuita's boss reacts to crash
Colombian champion Sergio Higuita abandoned the Tour de France hitting the ground after he lost balance when Bob Jungels swerved in front of him prompting a heated reaction by Higuita's team boss Jonathan Vaughters on social media.

Later in the stage, video footage has emerged of Jungles being clipped by an ambulance.

Despite a difficult stage, the Luxembourg rider finished the stage in 43rd place.

“The ambulance ran me over from behind, that was quite something,” Jungels said after the stage.

On the crash with Higuita, Jungels said: "“I was swinging off to the right after an attack, I didn’t see him on my right side, unfortunately."

"I must have hit his front wheel and yeah, I’m really really sorry to hear he’s out of the race because of that crash. 

“Swinging off to make a rider come through to the front is something we usually do. I’m really sorry if there’s anything I’ve done wrong, it’s very unfortunate.”