• Cameron Scott and Ruby Roseman-Gannon of ARA-Pro Racing Sunshine Coast celebrate both winning stages of the NRS National Tour in Tyalgum (Jamie Finch-Penninger)Source: Jamie Finch-Penninger
Ruby Roseman-Gannon stuck with the elite climbers of the women's National Road Series peloton over the final hills into Tyalgum before sprinting to the win, with Cameron Scott following the same script in the men's just 20 minutes later to make it a day to remember for ARA-Pro Racing Sunshine Coast.
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30 Nov 2020 - 5:36 PM 

Each race roughly the same pattern, with an early break being brought back before the race recommenced in earnest on the final pair of steep climbs on the road from Murwillumbah to Tyalgum. 

Grace Brunton-Makeham (Veris Racing Women's) was the lone breakaway rider in the women's race, with a pair becoming a trio in the men's as Jesse Coyle (Nero Continental) bridged over a two-minute gap to the leading pair of Chris Ball (Onyva) and Brendon Green (Veris).

A frenetic push up the ascents saw an elite group emerge in the women's race, with Roseman-Gannon conspicuous among the 'climbers'. Josie Talbot (Cronos Casa Dorada) was the first through the final corner into Tyalgum's main street but she dropped her chain at the crucial moment. 



Sarah Gigante (TIBCO-SVB) launched her sprint first but Roseman-Gannon had too much power and swept past her fellow Brunswick Cycling Club member to secure the victory.

Meanwhile, the men's race followed a similar pattern, but Scott had to rely on teammates Zack Gilmore and Craig Wiggins to bring back a dangerous attack by Lionel Mawditt (CycleHouse) on the downhill run to the finish.

Scott's sprint was more straightforward, being led through the final turn by Wiggins and powering clear in style with a quick look back and a long post-up to celebrate the win.

"I'm just really happy, especially after yesterday's shock," said Scott. "It gave me something a bit extra in the legs."

Scott had been the rider affected by a racing incident involving winner Jensen Plowright within the final kilometre of the criterium, managing to salvage third place after being displaced several spots at a crucial stage of the race. He took his revenge with an imperious sprint for the win, gapping the field with his final surge. 


"Yeah, lucky for me it came down to a sprint at the end," said Scott. "There was one guy off the front at the end there and lucky for me I had still had two teammates coming over the top of the climb and they did a really good job to get that rider back and without them, I wouldn't have won today."

Sprint rivalry heats up with dangerous riding allegations as Plowright wins
Jensen Plowright (Team Bridgelane) was the first rider over the finish line in the Day 2 criterium around the industrial park south of Murwillumbah, but a protest was immediately flagged by ARA-Pro Racing Sunshine Coast and Oliver’s Real Food Racing on the race-winner.
Great Scott tipped for big future
Cameron Scott was a surprising omission from the track team that will head towards the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, with the 22-year-old left out of the strong team pursuit squad. Now he’s focusing on road racing, with an eye on reaching the WorldTour sooner rather than later. Jamie Finch-Penninger talks to Cameron Scott and those close to his development about that goal.

Roseman-Gannon cheered on Scott's win with her teammates, and the pair joined in photographs to celebrate the dual success of the women's and men's programs on the Sunshine Coast. 


"I looked at this course today and I thought that it really suits me as I like the punchy climbs to weaken off the pure sprinters," said Roseman-Gannon after her victory. "I felt really good on the first lap, then on the second there were a few attacks and I felt I could hold them. It's probably the first time in the NRS that I've crested a climb with the climbers. To be around riders like Justine (Barrow), Sarah (Gigante), Lizzie Stannard... I don't belong here."

"On the descent, I didn't want to do too much as I needed to freshen up for the sprint and no one was too keen to work and the bunch caught. I took the inside line of the corner, unfortunately, Josie (Talbot) dropped her chain there but Sarah and I avoided it and I sprinted around Sarah at the end."

Both Roseman-Gannon and Scott are versatile sprinters with the potential to go overseas and ride at WorldTour level, and the development pathway of the Sunshine Coast-based squad is clearly paying dividends. Stuart Shaw, high performance director and women's team director for the race extolled the virtues of their system for showcasing and developing talented riders.

"The program's had quite a lot of success but every time we do it feels like a success because it's a new group of riders and we're helping those athletes through that development," said Shaw. "We when do get a result like this it feels like a vindication, but for the guys and girls to get a result on the same day, it's a pretty special feeling."

It was a bounceback for both squads, with the chase not quite being timed right in the women's race on Day 2 for Roseman-Gannon to attempt to sprint for the win, and Scott getting knocked around in the sprint. 

"Both teams are hungry for success and the guys and the girls were extra hungry after yesterday where they didn't get the results they wanted," said Shaw.

ARA-Pro Racing Sunshine Coast has moved to second overall in the men's overall team standings in the National Road Series, with Scott into second on the individual points tally. Roseman-Gannon moved up to fourth overall on the tightly-contested individual standings, but the team isn't really in the hunt for overall honours and will sit out the next day's racing to rest for more suitable opportunities.