A comeback by the quiet American has stunned the cycling world, but itcould also show up the so called "big guns" of today's Pro road racingranks.
7 Apr 2015 - 11:32 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:36 PM

What would ever posses Lance Armstrong to make a return to the Tour de France after four years away from cycling's Pro circuit?

My immediate reaction on hearing the news was of a media "beat-up", but on second thought it may not be such a far-fetched proposition.

I mean let's remember Lance for a brilliant and legendary career - a seven-time champion of the world's greatest race, the Tour de France.

Since hanging up his lycra, Lance has had the opportunity to live the life of celebrity, promote his cancer cause, run marathons, and watch cycling's big races from the comfort of his lounge room in Texas.

There may lie his reason for his thinking of making a comeback.

Lance is a restless man - it's obvious he can't sit still,and when watching the big races of Europe, I'd suggest he hasn't been impressed with what he has seen since retirement.

In my opinion, apart from Alberto Contador, there is not one rider on the Pro circuitcapable of dominating the Grand Tours like Lance did.

At this year's Tour de France I got the impression the GC riders were tripping over each other, rather than stomping their way to success.

Remember, this was the Armstrong trademark for so many years.

Sastre, Evans, the Schleck boys and Kohl were good to watch at Le Tour, but never convincing in my books.

I reckon Lance wants to come back, if nothing more, than to prove he is better than the current crop of riders, and has lost nothing even after four years away from the roads of Europe and at an age when most racers are thinking of retirement.

One thing's for sure, win, lose or draw, another Tour de France featuring the name "Armstrong" will certainly attract the eyes of a world-wide audience.