Adam Hansen never stood a chance in the men’s time trial at the Australian Open Road Championships.
7 Apr 2015 - 11:32 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:36 PM

a day that may have resembled a typical arctic winter, the boy from
Cairns was never in the hunt of scoring back-to-back national titles.

a solid unit that is used to training in temperatures where the mercury
rises to 35 degrees and where the humidity levels are an energy-sapping
100 percent on most days at this time of the year, conditions were
certainly not to his liking.

It was so cold, it prompted
Hansen's supportive mother, who can be seen at most of his boy's big
races around the world, to claim that the weather in Ballarat "was an
embarrassment to Australia."

Battling a strong headwind – one
that ripped through his strong frame, Hansen appeared to cramp during
the middle stages of the 38 kilometre circuit.

You don't stop pedaling when the stakes are as high as they were around Bunyinyong!

last to leave the starting gate, Hansen's priority was to chase down
Michael Rogers, who started one minute ahead of his Columbia teammate
and defending champion.

What a terrific comeback it was from Rogers who's endured a season of mixed fortune because of illness and bad luck.

nation cheered him on when contesting for an elusive medal in the road
race at the Beijing Olympics last August only to miss by the barest of

"Dodger" rarely chooses to compete in his own domestic
time trial because the timing of the event has not been to his liking
in past years.

An intense training schedule over the Christmas
period included sessions on snow-covered roads or spending several
hours on the wind trainer located in the basement of his Varese home in
northern Italy.

Despite arriving five days before the TT, he showed no ill-effects from jet-lag, that was obvious from his performance.

pulled open the curtains from his Ballarat motel room on the morning of
the race and was cheering when discovering the weather was too his
liking – cold and windy!

Yes, the weather certainly worked to Rogers' advantage.

difficult to predict but Rogers may look back at the time trial success
as the turning point to a successful season, and we're only less than
two weeks into the new year.