Stunned, absolutely stunned, that was my reaction to the news coming from Simon Gerrans on Twitter.
7 Apr 2015 - 11:32 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:36 PM

Stunned, absolutely stunned, that was my reaction to the news posted by Simon Gerrans on Twitter.

I just got a call from my DS. I'm still digesting the news I didn't
make the tour team. I'm pretty disappointed. What do u all think?"

I don't think Gerrans has to ask, I'm sure he already knows what we're all thinking but does Cervelo Test Team really want to know?

Here's the reaction from the Twitter Vox Pop.

rachiepoo1 CTT was a team i support, and was going to cheer them on at tdf now thinking of a boycott

carmichaelsc What?! Simon Gerrans not on the Tour team? That's crap, man!

Simon Gerrans left off the Cervelo Tour team? One of the best riders of
the Spring, Giro stage win, Prato Nevoso last year. Harsh decision.

No Simon Gerrans at the Tour? TdF stage win, Giro stage win and top 10
in all 3 Ardennes Classics in the last year and no Tour start? What?

Feeling a bit bummed that there will be no Robbie (ok, injured) but no
Simon Gerrans at this year's Tour de France. What are they thinking?

BW1978 I cannot believe Cervelo has kept Simon Gerrans off their TdF roster! Are they trying to lose!?

kiwirider Thinks Simon Gerrans is the unluckest man in the pro peloton bulshit....

wilko72 @lancearmstrong What chance we can get @simongerrans on Team Armstrong in 2010....what a joke he was cut from the team

Gerrans is taking the decision like a real pro, saying, "Now I've
digested the news I'm washing it down with a good bottle of Aussie red
with one of my besties @markrenshaw1. Check his twitter out!"

the Aussie spirit! But I feel like crying in my beer. His loss means one less winning pick for my RaboPlus Fantasy Tour de France.

what is Cervelo's reasoning behind this baffling decision? Wasn't
Gerrans supposed to be giving team leader Carlos Sastre a helping hand
when the Tour de France started pointing uphill?

Has Gerrans'
form suddenly evaporated since the Giro d'Italia? I don't know about
you but in that race I thought he looked like an athlete about to peak,
not someone about to go off the boil.

What happened at the CTT training camp in Colorado that could point to Gerrans being dumped? Form or internal team politics?

cycling is a tough sport and grand tour team selections are a fine art
- getting the mix right and having nine guys ready and primed at the
same time is no easy task - but Gerrans not ready, pull the other one?

So what's behind this? Cervelo, the fans want to know.