Philip Gomes agrees with The Daily Telegraph, Sydney cyclists have too many rights and it's time for those feral freaks of fitness to get off the bitumen.
7 Apr 2015 - 11:32 PM  UPDATED 13 Apr 2015 - 3:36 PM

In an unsigned editorial in Sydney's Daily Telegraph today, the writer notes how unfair life has become for motorists, who were in the city first.

editorial observes that cyclists are now enjoying more than their share
of fair treatment out there in commuterland and people are suffering.

this writer agrees and has noticed the hand-to-mouth existence of the
afflicted motorist as a two-wheeled miasma drifts into [their] well
padded air conditioned cabins rendering them incapable of steering,
signalling and observing speed limits.

This must stop! Something must be done about this horrible equity lest it infect other aspects of society.

has already been lost to these invaders of the road and before you know
it Sydney will be infested with feral cyclists and their foreign ways -
it's time to draw another line on the road.

Worse for motorists
is the prospect of a Copenhagen-like takeover of our streets, as
depressing to many as a boatload of refugees 'jumping the queue' and
making a valuable contribution to Australian life.

Let one use
the roads and before you know it we'll be overrun with more of them,
demanding not only space to ride but their 'rights' as citizens.

It's multi-functionality gone mad in an increasingly politically correct world. As you know I prefer to call a spade a shovel and I'm telling you roads are for cars.

that's not all the editorial notes, catering to cyclists is expensive
business - in fact this writer thinks it may be cheaper to house them
offshore, or better yet, send them back to Melbourne or Copenhagen for
their protection.

A tolerant Sydney has bent over backwards to
house and care for these interlopers, building a number of so-called
'lanes' to cater to their needs.

However these lanes do nothing
but send the wrong welcoming signal to cyclists, and anyway they just
sit there denying motorists decent parking and affecting trade.

these lanes are a white elephant in the making, Sydney just cannot
afford to cater to more cycling arrivals; with the place almost full.

Taxpayers should be outraged at all this lane building in this time of economic stress. I say make them pay for their own lanes!

writer is as generous as the next guy out there, and I'm no cyclophobe
but cyclists don't live in the real world and many of them don't like
our ways.

These utopian vandals even have the temerity to suggest
a mandated 30km limit for motorists. I resent this statist intrusion in
our lives, if I bloody-well want to drive at that speed I'll commute
into town.

I want the freedom to drive down Victoria Road at 30km
in peak hour without the state trampling on my rights. In fact the motoring free
market has already done an excellent job of deciding that is the real
speed limit in Sydney.

The attitude of these newcomers is
suspect; they want to use our roads but they don't want to assimilate
and demand their own space. With that attitude conflict will occur and
it won't be motorists fault.

Even if they're right they are wrong because it's bloody well un-Australian to ride a bike in Sydney.