• Exploration brings a joy of its own – just don’t go too far! (Kath Bicknell)Source: Kath Bicknell
If you find yourself regularly rushing past places you’d like to learn more about, consider taking the detour, rather than the re-tour. It might just make your day, writes Kath Bicknell.
9 Jun 2015 - 10:14 AM 

If cycling has you hooked for life, you rarely ride straight from one point to another. You find routes with more flow, more hills, less traffic, more flats; ones that take you to beautiful places or enable you to ride for a certain amount of time.

In terms of the journey, riders seem to lean toward one of two extremes. Some take the same route regularly. They like the fitness, the experience, the routine. Others never stop exploring.

I’m the first type. This type finds a few ride routes they enjoy and they do them again and again. They join clubs and do the same ride every Tuesday. If they miss Tuesday, they might go out and do that favourite loop on Thursday.  If commuting is more their thing, they have a few favourite ways to and from their destination, and they repeat them for years.

Sure, they mix things up, but this is often when riding with someone of the second type. Or when on vacation and exploring is the whole point.

If you’re a type one, too, once your regular loops are established, how often do you explore a little to the left or the right? How often do you take the road that parallels the one you follow so often? Investigate that side street? Explore a favourite spot from a different perspective?

Recently, I’ve been enjoying rides with more people who are the second type. Rediscovering the city I live in. Finding out what lies to the side of the places where I always go straight ahead. Stopping now and then to look at that view I only ever glance at from the bars. Leaving home in a different direction altogether. Getting lost, and marvelling at the way my smart phone always knows where I am, even when I don’t.

The images in this blog are all places that are a stone’s throw from some popular loops in Sydney. Places with a magic all of their own.




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