• Peter Sagan got more than he bargained for at the Vuelta a España (Supplied)Source: Supplied
The press release telling us that Peter Sagan would no longer participate in the Vuelta a España read as you might expect of a cyclist struck down by a motorcycle at high speed.
31 Aug 2015 - 9:06 AM  UPDATED 31 Aug 2015 - 12:20 PM

Sagan was mowed down by a Shimano neutral service moto toward the end of Stage 8 of the Vuelta and according to the team "suffered wounds and burns of first and second degree on the left side of his body, from the hip to the lower leg" and  "has a contusion on his left forearm with an intra-muscular hematoma."

As you can see from the above video, Sagan was absolutely delighted to have been run over when in the mix for a stage victory. 

And to add insult to his long list of injuries, the race jury absurdly decided to add a fine of 300 Swiss Francs (CHF) for "insults and threats as well as behavior that damages the image of cycling." 

How dare he? The ungrateful wretch.

Later, Shimano, cleverly sensing that this may not have been a good thing for its branding, decided to say and do something constructive about it.

Well, actually no, they didn't.

"Though the motor bike and mechanic are both provided by Shimano the driver is provided by the Vuelta organization and not part of the Shimano neutral support team. We wish Peter Sagan a speedy recovery."

So, hey, it's all the Vuelta's fault and good luck Pete-o and see you next race and don't forget to bring your body armour and wallet.

The business model for cycling is in strife these days. No one is really making any money. A get rich quick scheme it ain't. How do you make a million in professional cycling? Start with 30. Just ask Oleg.

But maybe this is a teachable moment and the sport has it all backwards. Instead of rewarding riders maybe fining them for things that are not their fault is the way forward?

Sagan clearly did not pay enough for something that wasn't his fault. Race organisers could immediately be up to their armpits in Paella if they had added to the initial fine.

How about 500CHF for bleeding all over the road? Or 100 for finishing dead last. Another 300 for forcing the moto to follow him? One thousand for not inviting Rhonda Rousey to the roadside cage fight? 

You know it makes sense.