• 2015 Tour de France winner Chris Froome (AAP)Source: AAP
When Chris Froome first stated that he would make the information surrounding his independent testing available in Esquire UK I was concerned that the exercise was more about media management than transparency.
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10 Nov 2015 - 12:31 PM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2015 - 12:42 PM

However the 2015 Tour de France winner has now clarified and expanded on the 3 December release of information, stating that it would also be made more widely available than first suggested.

To be fair, Esquire is an excellent publication that also does fine journalism, and in ordinary circumstances that would probably be enough, but these days nothing is ordinary in sport. All interested parties have to be brought into the process without favour.

Froome to publish independent testing results in December
Tour de France champion Chris Froome has said data from physiological tests taken earlier this year will be published on 3 December by men’s magazine Esquire UK.

Today it appears Froome is doing everything possible to allay concerns about his performance, something we haven't seen from any athlete in any other sport. 

It probably won't satisfy the amateur forum diggers and nattering nabobs of negativism, but this is something the sport should be very proud of. It has taken years of battle and complete loss of trust to get to this point.

Our biggest star is taking leadership in rebuilding the trust necessary for us to watch the sport with some clarity and know that the result on the leaderboard is one that we can believe in.

Hopefully there will be a time when this type of data will be freely available online and not subject to the goodwill of a single athlete.

Make no mistake, this is a big win for cycling, moreso with the recent revelations in Athletics and the lack of transparency and effective testing regimes among the pusillanimous pussyfooters in other sporting codes around the world.

While we should always remain watchful, it's starting to feel good to be a cycling fan again.