“It’s hard to come into the final with Lizzie. It’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders because you know the girls have been supporting you.

“I know she’s a little bit faster than me, so I had to start the sprint, and I did that - I felt like I was still very powerful at the end - but she came past me at the very last moment. But that’s how it is sometimes.

“When you’ve done everything you can, and you know you’ve done everything right - and when someone is that much better than you - of course you’re disappointed, but I think we did a really nice race,”

“The whole team was really good; we did what we were supposed to do, we took it in our own hands, and I just loved the racing today. I enjoyed it from the first moment, riding through Zingem [hometown in Flanders]…

“It was so emotional to be here. On every section you can hear your name, and I could hear Jolien’s name. Everyone is there to support us. It’s just a pity we couldn’t be there on the top step today. We would have deserved it; we really did everything we could to be there.