“I knew in my gut I had won because I knew my momentum took me over the top of her. I knew for certain when she congratulated me.

“It was a poker game in the end. I didn’t have any radio, so I didn’t know what was happening. I needed her to open the sprint before me, and she did.

"At that point, it’s not about who is fastest, it’s who is freshest.

““Emma (Johansson) didn’t give me a single turn into Paterberg, and I thought: ‘I’ll still make this work. I’ll attack her on Paterberg’ and I tried, but I couldn’t get her off my wheel. 

A couple kilometres after the Paterberg, Emma decided to work, and we worked together until the final kilometre.”

“It was a really strange race with just two in the front. We had to commit. I didn’t leave anything for the sprint. Emma’s fast, and I didn’t underestimate her. 

“I’m delighted but it’s also a big relief. I’ve got that win, that career goal done, and now it’s all about shifting focus. It’s a good way to start putting the spring behind me and thinking about Rio.

“Everyone had their role and everyone did it really well. Up until the Kanarieberg, I never touched the wind. I was never out of position."