Spaniard David Blanco is the king of the Volta a Portugal. Who? What? It's hard to believe but professional cycling is more than the WorldTour. Blanco was one of its battlers.

"I cry every time I see one of my wins. It’s hard to explain but even at the Vuelta, my home race, I never had the same motivation as I did when I raced the Volta. It was a strange symbiosis, but perhaps the sum of many things – the weather, the mountains, the people."

Colombia's Juan Pablo Villegas retires from professional cycling. His dream cruelled by the ongoing spectre of doping.

"As I did the interview, I knew it was the first time that the topic had being addressed openly, in terms of Colombian sport, and cycling specifically. My intention was not to speak badly of anyone personally. But I wanted to talk about a something that happens in the shadows, something that has always been kept quiet. So I told the truth, telling you about things I saw and lived through for eleven years as a cyclist.

As a result of that that interview, so much has happened. Some people who felt that I was referring to them specifically began to talk, and to actively try to end my career. Then I started to get threats through social media, and a group of people tried to cut my career short. They thought that I had spoken out because I was racing in the United States, which made them angry. But that was not the case. I would have, and had wanted to talk about this topic anyway for some time."