Last but not least, Tinkoff-Saxo may have the ultimate solution to Peter Sagan's 'white short with rainbow jersey' dilemma: redesign next year's kit to include black shorts.

UCI rules state that the rainbow jersey can only be worn with white shorts or standard team-issue shorts. An interview with Cyclingnews revealed that Tinkoff-Saxo have applied to add black panels to its World Champion kit, and that the 2016 kit 'may also change to help Sagan avoid a fashion disaster'.

"The rules about it are strict and all the world is controlled by rules. We've got to accept them," Sagan told Cyclingnews "We've asked for permission to have a black inner part of the shorts but we haven't had a response from the UCI yet."

In the meantime, here's Sagan performing some tricks in his all-white ensemble.