The post Tour de France lull is not only a time when transfers are announced for the upcoming season, it's also when many WorldTour teams announce the addition of stagiaires, or trainees, to their 1 August rosters for the remaining few months of a current season.

These are very talented upcoming young riders who may have spent the past year in the under 23 ranks or perhaps a development team run and organised by a WorldTour team.

The position of stagaire gives these riders a chance to prove they have the necessary talent and determination to be fully fleged professionals.

For example, Tinkoff-Saxo has just taken on three 21-year-old riders, Austrians Michael Gogl and Felix Grossschartner, plus Dutchman Antwan Tolhoek for the remaining of the 2015 season.   
Steven de Jongh, head sport director of Tinkoff-Saxo explains how it works.

"In line with the long-term strategy we have at Tinkoff-Saxo, I am happy to see these three promising young riders join our squad as stagiaires for the remaining of the 2015 season. Their selection is the result of a long and thorough program we have established, as we are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent from all over the world.
They all took part in our Livigno training camp together with several other potential stagiaires and these three young talents were the top performers. They showed they have the potential and they integrated well into the team - now it is up to them to deliver in this important part of their career."