#couchpeloton #giro #tdf #sbscycling - they're more than just hashtags. And the #Girosnacks and #toursnacks hashtags aren't just about food. They tell a story about people coming together to share culture, passion and insomnia.

Every night a bunch of cycling fans share photos via Twitter of the snacks they will eat or are eating during the SBS coverage of the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France.

Starting out life among the #couchpeloton (a community within the #sbscycling community!) a few years ago, the #Girosnacks and #Toursnacks hashtags have morphed into one of our highlights here at Cycling Central. It even trends on Twitter - which is kind of a big deal. 

There used to be a rule - the call goes out each night via Todd Norbury - the unofficial #Girosnacks and #Toursnacks commissaire - at 50kms to go, for fans to share their spoils. That of course has gone out the window.  Snacks range from povvo store bought BBQ shape style efforts (not that there's anything wrong with that) to more elaborate foodie style fare. 

That's why we thought it'd be a great idea to look back over the gastronomic highlights from 2016's Giro and the Tour.

These were the highlights of #Girosnacks. #Toursnacks to come tomorrow. 

Sunday 1 Jan 2017

1. Because it was only stage 1 

2. Parfait 

This guy not only has one of the best snacks in this parfait: 

He surrounds himself with people who do too - here he is at a party:

3. Home-made pretzels! 

The before pics:

4. Stage profile inspiration

5. Rhubarb crumble outsourcing 

Tim's other half followed up with this:

6. Cointreau apple tart 

7. Home-made Portugese goodness 

8. Panna Cotta wobbles  


9. Don't forget the gluten free snacks

10. And of course, pizza!

An important public service announcement 

Go big or go home

Man's best friend, or... someone forgot to pay the bills

Send help


Whiskey goes with everything

The more povvo of the #Girosnacks - but points for playing 

Muchos points for the Chaves love and painstaking M&M work

No #Girosnacks, but Giroknit

Mixing AFL with the Giro


Hmmm... not so sure about this one

More yummy drinks