#couchpeloton #giro #tdf #sbscycling - they're more than just hashtags. And the #Girosnacks and #toursnacks hashtags aren't just about food. They tell a story about people coming together to share culture, passion and insomnia.

Yesterday we brought you the best of 2016's #Girosnacks. 

Best of 2016's #Girosnacks

Just as the pro teams do with the Tour de France, i.e. they bring the best riders, the best resources, the best everything, #Toursnacks saw fans lift it another notch.  

Here's the highlights from 2016's #Toursnacks


Monday 2 Jan 2017

1. A well-trained eight-year-old  

2. Tribute to Mont Saint Michele in profiteroles 

The preview  

The final product   

The flyover   

3. Yellow Jersey KOM Trifle  

4. A stunning cake

5. Had me at butterscotch sauce  

6. Something savoury 

7. Home-made crumpets  

the finished product

8. French plum pudding thingy

9. Salted caramel paleo slice  

10. Something savoury and different  

Tour/Election drinking game

Remember the Tour started on the same day as Australia's federal election? Dan probably forgot after this. 

The election got the better of this fan's #Toursnacks attempt

Time to sack the soigneur?

The "I can't be bothered" version of #Toursnacks

In a similar vein, but it's cheezels and you can't go past cheezels 

...and no judgement 

Ready for anything... the Tour, Trump, the armageddon, anything

Is it? 

Bunnies need #Toursnacks too  

Already in the Top 10, but needs another mention with this effort   

#Toursnacks beauty tips   

The #Toursnacks #Girosnacks Grand Commissaire Norbs is not forgotten

In cycling, we know all about technicalities   

Show off  

Almost Nutella right?  

The "I can't believe this is real" tweet 

But it is, because you know, hanging out in Bretagne, this is what always happens