4 Nov 2016 - 11:36 AM  UPDATED 4 Nov 2016 - 11:51 AM

Bike Shorts: wearing coffee, new kit day for a World Champ, a couple of awesome vids, what cyclists google the most, and more cycling reform talk. Just another news round up from around the cycling world. 

Australian cycling clothing start-up OORR (Out of the Rat Race) has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for its new line made from coffee. 

Coffee fabric, not this:

Coffee when incorporated into fabric, OORR says, has three main benefits - sun protection, moisture wicking, and odour control. Oh and there's something too about frog skin. 

Check it out: 

Friday 4 Nov 2016

Pro Skier Dane Tudor shows us his favourite skiing spots via his summer sport, mountain biking. This is simply stunning. 

Cannondale-Drapac boss Jonathan Vaughters wrote an op-ed for Cycling News on creating a new business model for pro cycling. Here's an excerpt:

"The issue is not how the (WorldTour) points system works or doesn't work. The issue is a diluted business plan that in time will ultimately fail. For big teams and small teams alike.

No system will be perfect in determining who truly is the last-ranked team. And frankly, its demoralizing and disheartening to all the teams that we're focusing on who's not the worst team in the world as opposed to what team's the "best."...

...Due to the limited sponsor-only revenue model in cycling and the unwillingness of wealthier race organizers to partition the media rights or media rights revenue, cycling teams need to come up with a radically different solution than the models that have failed for the last 100 years. All the teams in the WorldTour need to become one business, not 18. In other words: a league of teams and a singular business entity, like you see in other major sports...

...Velon aside, we aren't doing any of these things, successfully or collectively. This diversification of revenue and responsibility would evolve professional cycling from a business on the edge into a stable operation with no annual single point of failure and little stability. A global sport with our kind of history and interest should not be a year-to-year proposition for the vast majority of the athletes, teams, support staff and sponsors. Can we agree on that?...

Should there be 17 or 18 teams in the WorldTour? If we don't get off our asses, that will be the least of our worries."

Read the whole thing here

Nothin' like a Dane: Amalie Dideriksen crowned road race world champion
20-year-old Danish rider Amalie Dideriksen upset race favourite Kirsten Wild to be crowned the 2016 women's road race world champion.

Canadian freerider Brandon Semenuk tops off a great year after reclaiming the Red Bull Rampage title with another Rupert Walker film collaboration. Hot off the press. 




From Quartz:  

"What’s inspiring these masses of city bike-commuters, and what are their hopes and fears? According to Google Trends data for 2005 to 2016, a clear concern unites cyclists from the Pacific to the Nordic: weight loss.

The data examined how much people are searching for cycling in various global cities, and what search terms they’re using. It returned a clear pattern which had nothing to do with queries about safety or life-expectancy, which might be expected to interest cyclists.

"How many calories does cycling burn?” or a variation about weight loss was the top query in seven of the 12 capitals we looked at closely: London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Copenhagen. Search terms containing “exercise” were top in Beijing and Shanghai."