Its looking more than likely that we'll have Bradley Wiggins hanging around the cycling world for a little while yet, with the Englishman saying he may race into 2017.

“I will see how I feel this time next year. There might be other opportunities. They might ask me to present Match of the Day. But if I haven’t got a job by this time next year I will keep racing," Wiggins told The Guardian.

He also laid out a Post Rio 2016 Olympic Games schedule which includes the Tour of Britain with his eponymously named Team Wiggins, followed by six-day races at London and Ghent.

“I’d love to do London, and go to Ghent 17 years after I first rode,” Wiggins said. “It’s another of these little historic things I want to go back and revisit one last time. I want to go there and ride with Iljo Keisse. it’s something we’ve been talking about for 10 years. I want to keep racing until the end of the year rather than stop in Rio. I’ve been loving riding this year, it’s been like a breath of fresh air.”

“I will keep training, I don’t see why I would stop doing that, and I might slip into the odd race that is easy to do, like a player-manager. I don’t know how that will fit into the team’s plans but what I do know is that the team’s moved forward. We’ve got some good young talent for next year.”

Wednesday 16 Dec 2015

If we know anything about humans its that we love to game a system to our advantage, any system. Even a virtual indoor training aid like Zwift, judging by the looks of this Korean clip posted to Facebook. If it's to be believed, these wags used a drill to ramp up their speed to collect a few kudos. Naughty, naughty.


Race safety is paramount but the test was failed on this occasion at the Vuelta a Costa Rica when a Taxi decided to hook a left right in front of a fast moving peloton. Thankfully no one was seriously injured despite its ugliness.