3 Dec 2019 - 3:01 PM  UPDATED 6 Dec 2019 - 3:23 PM

The team's top 3 strangest moments all happened at this year's Tour de France because, um they were pretty strange. 


Friday 6 Dec 2019

This moment topped the list, naturally.

Keeno: Mother Nature wins the "most combative" prize. 

Tomo: Gobsmacked! How could Mother Nature put a stop to the world's greatest bike race? Heads were spinning, confusion reigned, nonetheless the premature end to the Tour's penultimate stage made no difference to the ultimate winner.

Macca: Was this actually happening, or was it the Tour de France playing the Truman show...

Christophe: The buzz of seeing it, close to Bernal fans and family, not knowing what was happening was incredible, probably one of the most memoralble moment for me of the Tour de France 2019. My second thought was 'how are we going to go down from the mountain top' since the drama was unfolding just down the road from us.


Thursday 5 Dec 2019

Who can forget this moment from the 2019 Tour de France? Our SBS crew sure won't. 

Keeno: Where's Rohan? It still has people talking. 

Tomo: My initial reaction was one of anger toward Rohan - a reaction which was followed by compassion when learning first hand of the treatment he received from the Bahrain-Merida team. Rohan made the right call and is now in a better place as a result.

Macca: It was a short fuse for Rohan. Snap it went, and we still don't know the full story.

Christophe: The whole media was rolling and buzzing around the team bus, some people speculating, some being more rational, all in all, the Tour de France is a circus, and it felt like another drama in a normal TDF day.

Mystery surrounds Dennis' decision to abandon Tour
Rohan Dennis went AWOL for over an hour after abandoning the Tour de France and his Bahrain Merida team management had no explanation about the Australian’s withdrawal on Thursday.



Wednesday 4 Dec 2019

With still all to play for and Julian Alaphilippe refusing to surrender, tensions ran high during Stage 17 of the Tour de France as loyal lieutenants for their respective teams Luke Rowe (Ineos) and Tony Martin (Jumbo Visma) let their emotions get the better of them. The apologetic and repentant pair were kicked off the Tour.

It was a rare, strange moment which somehow doesn't happen more often. 

Tomo: Both were in the wrong and were given the correct treatment. I say nothing wrong with a bit of fisty-cuffs in professional sport but the penalties in cycling are so severe so why bother.

Macca: A little hot under the collar, it's not the first time we've seen this at the Tour de France. 

Christophe: It was like kids, being kids, except they’re not kids anymore, honestly the funniest in a cringe worthy way was the apology that followed.

Martin and Rowe tossed from the Tour after altercation
Tony Martin (Jumbo-Visma) and Luke Rowe (Ineos), who were involved in an altercation during the Stage 17 finale were tossed out of the Tour de France by the race commissaires.