Heartbreaking/heartwarming, the 2019 SBS Cycling season sure brought the feels. Relive the Top 3 tearjerkers.
13 Dec 2019 - 3:57 PM 

Thursday 12 Dec 2019

When your family is there to watch you win a second time on the world's biggest stage and on debut, a feat Caleb Ewan was arguably ready for a couple of years ago, you're going to produce a whole lot of feels. 

Christophe: You could breathe the relief he was under, I remember his wife running to him from the bus to the media compound with the pram, and finally he got that kiss, it brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it now.

Macca: King Caleb, he's in the sweet spot in sport and in life. 

Tomo: I just became a grandpa for the first time - I felt like kissing the baby too.

Relive his first two wins:

...and his third on the biggest stage of them all: 



Monday 9 Dec 2019

Macca: I guess that's one way to silence your critics....

Christophe: Redemption for a kind man, Macca and I interviewed him before the start in Brussels and he mentioned the Worlds were his target for the year, and it was great to see him deliver it despite the drama earlier at the Tour.

Tomo: If there’s one way to shut down critics, this was the performance that did it. Bravo Rohan!

Keeno: Rohan Dennis against the odds, surrounded by his family, winning the ITT world.

Keeno: Pinot abandoning the TdF and French hopes flicker out again  

Tomo: Like the millions of television viewers, I wished there was a way to push Thibaut to the Paris finish. Heartbreak! 

Macca: He was going to break the drought for the French.....but as we say... could have, should have, would have...Tour de France at its most brutal

Christophe: Pinot out of the Tour...or, that moment I nearly dropped my baguette sandwich in a bar watching it on the big screen, you could feel the weight of the hopes of the nation crashing