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Why the world has been in love with this cookbook since 2014.
By turning fish sperm into mortadella and tripe into well-flavoured soups, chefs are showing how animal scraps can be delicious.
Regional Mexican specialities such as mole and pozole connect Bar Patrón's head chef to his family and heritage once spoonful at a time.
Put away the popcorn, you’ll be craving more than a snack after seeing what SBS Food is bringing to your screens in the New Year.
From dentist to cook, here's how these ricotta-filled baklavas catapulted a Syrian migrant from the lab into the kitchen.

Pasta Grannies

No nonna? No worries. Pasta Grannies the cookbook brings you the access to Italy's homemade pasta-making prowess.

Better brush up on your Italian, because you're about to inherit a few decades worth of pasta-making expertise.
The town of Selva in the Dolomites is known for its hearty dishes, like canederli – bread dumplings – with each household having its own take. Olga, the...
Raschiatelli, also known as cavatelli, are made from an eggless dough rolled into little shells. Here, they're served with chunks of salami, tomato and a fresh...
This lasagne recipe comes from Pasta Granny, Franca, who lives south of Bologna. She says of her lasagna, ‘To be a proper lasagna bolognese there should be at...
A traditional dish of Sardinia, culurgiones are made on special occasions, like the end of harvest and the Day of the Dead (1 November), and they are given...

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