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Our picks on SBS Food CH 33

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We’ve changed up the menu on SBS Food Channel 33. Ready the snacks – you’re gonna need them with this delicious line-up of food shows.
The ‘little black dress’ of cakes - plus her other no-fail bakes that will get you through every occasion.
We’re with Nigella Lawson and on this one.
For one keen cook, a passport to the world - without leaving home.
Donna Hay, Michael Mosley and more share their tips for all the chocolate indulgence, but with extra benefits!


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Sydney’s new Portal isn't just any cafe – it's a profit-for good eatery extending a hand to refugees and others in need.
Yuin man, Dwayne Bannon-Harrison, with Kylie Kwong are helping to spread an important message to Australian chefs about using Indigenous-owned ingredients.
From pear and pine kimchi to Korean cinnamon punch granita, Peter Jo (Restaurant Shik) and Junghyun Park (Atomix) are redefining the cuisine.
Talent from acclaimed restaurants in Manila and New York join local heroes to advance Filipino food at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.
If you haven't put Tasting Australia on your food festival hit list, then here's a taster of what's in store come April.

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