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Destination Flavour China

This brand-new series airs Wed nights on SBS. Adam Liaw is back on another Destination Flavour adventure and this time he explores the vast and vibrant China.

The mouth-watering low down on what is widely considered to be Singapore’s national dish, Hainanese chicken rice.
From Beijing to Yunnan, Destination Flavour has revealed a depth of local Chinese flavours that we need to start cooking. Here's how to begin your tour and eat...
Adam Liaw is back to take us on another culinary journey and this time he's got China set in his sights. Watch as he tells a story like no other by uncovering one...
China is devoted to noodles, dumplings and wheat production – but (with the right tips) gluten-free travellers can play it safe.
Curiously named after cognac, this Chinese condiment is far more than a chilli hit. With its long list of ‘luxury ingredients’ XO packs a punch.

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