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All Thai-ed up

Airs 6pm, weeknights, on SBS + encore at 9.30pm on Food Network + stream via SBS On Demand. #TheChefsLine

'Palm' is a four-letter word these days, but palm sugar isn't produced in the same way as palm oil. And that makes a whole world of difference.
From creamy coconut puddings and custards to rich layer cakes and sticky rice, these are some of Thailand’s best desserts.
Mimicry is the highest form of flattery and we're following David Thompson's lead when it comes to what makes Thai food pop.
Thai green curry gets its name from the colour of the finished dish, which contains fiery green chilli, as well as coconut milk, palm sugar, fish sauce and a...
You know Sriracha but did you know you can now buy David Thompson's favourite version of the world's coolest hot sauce here in Australia?!

Food Safari Water

Airs 8pm, Wednesdays on SBS. Explores sea vegetables, seafood and all that comes from water with Maeve O'Meara.

Serving fish whole at the table is an invitation to slow down and come together.
Not sure if the day’s catch is worth buying? There’s always a more budget-conscious option.
This Malaysian family favourite uses a whole fish head for maximum flavour and visual impact. Food Safari Water 
Tune in 8pm, Wednesdays to SBS as we dive into Food Safari Water - the next delicious helping of Food Safari Elements, exploring the bounty of the water.
Raising the umami bar are the seaweeds and sea vegetables you didn't know you needed in your life.

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