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Destination Flavour China

This brand-new series starts 7.30pm Wed 28 Nov on SBS. Adam Liaw is back on another Destination Flavour adventure and this time he explores the vast and vibrant China.

Adam Liaw is back to take us on another culinary journey and this time he's got China set in his sights. Watch as he tells a story like no other by uncovering one of...
Long before Italians were producing prosciutto and the Spanish their jamón, the Chinese were making their own dry-cured of ham in the small city of Jinhua. We...
This non-intimidating 101 helps you through your local Asian supermarket, so you can supercharge your pantry and dinners at home.
Whether you Earl Grey all the way, keep calm with a herbal or feel a little nice with fruit and spice, tea goes beyond the humble cup in these tea-riffic dishes.
They say that you enjoy food with all your senses, but these pungent-yet-flavourful foods show that sometimes, your nose might not always know best!

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Here’s how to nail the ultimate pav - no cracking, no weeping.
Mimicry is the highest form of flattery and we're following David Thompson's lead when it comes to what makes Thai food pop.

Soy sauce: Japan's liquid gold

Next time you're dipping your sushi, take a moment to appreciate the years of work that goes into producing a bottle of soy sauce.
Forget instant miso sachets and customise your own miso soup balls.
From these cheeseburger spring rolls and slow-cooked pork doughnuts to grown-up chocolate crackles, these bites will keep your party humming.

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