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What's happening on plates locally and around the world.

Cook Afaf Shaldan gives visitors a unique taste of the Red Sea, cooking up fish sayadieh, a Middle Eastern staple.
Jordan's first craft brewery wouldn't have happened if a book didn't fall off the shelf.
Taste of Amman: discovering the parallel foodie culture of Jordan.
The milky brew might be 2019’s biggest drink trend – but in Russia, it’s been old news for centuries.
How to find it in Hanoi without a list or fear of food poisoning.


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Even after 10 years, creating an eat-with-your-hands mess is still just as important as keeping Afghan food traditions alive for this family-run restaurant.
Merchant Road is a Melbourne catering not-for-profit, designing unique events that are training grounds for inspirational young women.
Mousa Khayat quit his job as a dental technician in favour of a sweeter goal: to make authentic Palestinian knafeh for eager Melbourne crowds.
People travel from all over the world to eat Rosio Sánchez's food. FYI: she'll be cooking in Australia, but for a short time only.
Sydney’s new Portal isn't just any cafe – it's a profit-for good eatery extending a hand to refugees and others in need.

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