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As we're in the midst of celebrating Lunar New Year and eating our way to prosperity, it got us to wondering what different parts of the world eat for good fortune.
Townspeople throwing fruit at each other – it's a longstanding tradition.
You can find quality parenting time in surprising ways. #WorldDaySocialJustice
From one-metre hot dogs to YouTube eating, this is living large – taken to a new level.
Leading the generation is pioneering winemaker 'Crazy Fang', whose top Chinese reds have just landed in Australia, just in time for Lunar New Year.


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Huge plates of meat, slow-cooked in authentic Javanese marinades with all of the sambals.
Newly added
There's still plenty of time to ring in the Year of the Dog with these delicious celebrations around town.
Come here for cold ramen, sesame ramen and a meat-free version made with no less than 20 vegetables.
One bar’s trash is this sustainability-focused bar’s treasure.
The best of the wurst, including a vegemite and cheese snag and a sausage dog dress-up parade.

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