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Food Safari Water

Airs 8pm, Wednesday nights on SBS. Explores sea vegetables, seafood and all that comes from water with Maeve O'Meara.

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7 of the quickest spaghetti wins

In 30 mins, you too can be whirling and twirling spaghetti on your forks.
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For when, you know, the next zombie apocalypse comes.
Order with confidence at your local Japanese restaurant (and avoid the awkward napkin spit) with this rundown on which flavourful additions are worth taking.
Palisa Anderson from Sydney’s Boon Cafe calls it her 'kitchen sink' curry. So we get the lowdown on a northern Thai favourite.
Dinners you can make in one pot! #one-derful

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Forty per cent of all food in restaurants ends up scraped into a bin. Ufoodi plans to change that.
Eat Up is a Shepparton local’s simple but genius idea to alleviate playground hunger across Australia, by providing cheese and Vegemite sandwiches.
Because no-one's first meal when they move out of home should be a chicken breast coated in Greek-style yoghurt and Doritos, baked in the oven.
A no-nonsense guide to what the labels on your egg carton actually tell you.
And the hosts, charming actors Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys, seem to know what they’re doing, more or less.

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