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Root vegetables – kohlrabi and turnip

The focus here is on two of the most little utilised root vegetables; turnips and kohlrabi. While ingredients such as parsnips, swedes, celeriac and carrots gain most of the attention these two are often left high and dry at the local greengrocers. This is a real shame as they are beautiful when well prepared and bring a great diversity to our meals.

Kohlrabi is a smooth-skinned root vegetable with a vibrant, pale green skin and leaves sprouting from the top. It is larger than most other root vegetables yet has a much gentler and sweeter flavour. The flesh is so mild it can in fact be eaten raw; however it is more likely to be roasted or added to soups.

Turnips are small vegetables with a pleasant sweet-bitter taste. The flesh can vary from white to pale yellow and they are at their best through autumn, winter and early spring.

A good way to ensure your kohlrabi is fresh is to ensure the leaves on top are not limp or droopy. The vegetables should have a light earthy aroma and be firm to the touch. 
Turnips should have a deep, earthy aroma and be firm and appealing to the eye.

Kohlrabi and turnips can be kept in a cool dark place for 2–3 days or in the crisper section of the refrigerator for 5–6 days.

To prepare trim off the leafy tops, peel them and cut into even sized pieces. 

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