Find out where to find the orchard with the largest variety of cider apples in Australia.
28 Jan 2010 - 3:47 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

Steenholdt’s Organic Produce   

Adrian Steenholdt
270 Coast Road
Petcheys Bay TAS 7112
T: 03 6295 0141  
Steenholdt’s Organic Produce is a certified organic producer of primarily apples and pears. Their range includes heirloom and exotic varieties. Their organic produce available every Saturday at Hobart’s famous Salamanca Market.

Woodbridge Fruit Trees

Bob Magnus
229 Woodbridge Hill Rd
Woodbridge TAS 7162
T: 03 6267 4430

Woodbridge Fruit Trees is a small family nursery specialising in bare-rooted heirloom fruit tree on dwarf root stock. These are suitable for espaliering, perfect for a small garden or compact orchard. For close to 30 years Woodbridge Fruit Trees have been selling a range of fruit tree varieties on dwarf stock including apples, pears, plums, quinces, and cherries, that have a big range of fruiting times, colours, textures, tastes and uses - such as cooking, preserving, juicing and making cider. The 2010 catalogue and order form can be obtained via the website from March.

Red Sails

Dr Clive Crossley and Lynne Uptim
Middleton TAS
T: 03 6292 1685

Clive and Lynne’s are owners of a 24 year old orchard at Middleton, Tasmania.  The orchard is producing the best English and French cider apples which are now at their peak for Red Sail’s 'Sommerset" sparkling dry cider. No direct sales as yet. Production to commence 2010.  Enquiries can be made via e-mail.

Bruny Island Cheeses Co.
Nick Haddow
1807 Main Road,
Great Bay,
Bruny Island, Tasmania
T: 03 6260 6353

Island Cheese Company is owned and managed by Nick Haddow who produces
traditional, artisan cheeses. Made with both cow’s and goat’s milk,
with a focus on environmental sustainability and farming practices that
produce the best milk possible, Nick’s cheeses are renowned as being
some of the finest  artisan cheeses in Australia.  The 'cellar door’ of
the cheesery is open Tuesdays to Sundays and so is the cafe attached to
it. The cafe menu includes cheese platters but also organic sourdough
bread straight from Nick Haddow’s wood-fired oven.

Orders may be made by joining the Cheese Club – application online.