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At this year's first ever SBS Food Journey Festival, we enlisted Melbourne's finest crop of food bloggers to come along and do what they do best – blog about their experiences.
7 Mar 2011 - 12:00 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

At this year's first ever SBS Food Journey Festival, which ran from March 4-6, we enlisted Melbourne's finest crop of food bloggers to come along and do what they do best – blog about their experiences.

Below you'll find a list of each of their blog posts, detailing who was there, what went on and, more importantly, everything that was eaten.

SBS have promoted this new festival at the Royal Exhibition Building. It is an indoor-outdoor affair with four stages with concurrent presentations on a variety of cooking related subjects, plus entertainment as well as a meet-and-greet area where celebrities speak with attendees and sign their publications. Read more

Byron Bay Chilli Co. bottles six awesome chilli sauces.

I tried all of them and my personal favourite has to be the Heavenly Habanero Chilli Sauce with Mango. What makes this special is its addition of mango. Most grilled seafood will go very well with this hot sauce. The touch of sweetness certainly heightened the spiciness of the sauce. Read more

It was a nice Sunday afternoon when Mr. B and I made our way to the SBS Food Journey Festival. The weather was unexpectedly warm, a nice change from previous days, and made it a perfect day out.

SBS Food Journey Festival is an effort to bring together food and culture. Held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, there were activities both indoor and outdoor. Read more

Generally speaking, the food journeys I go on are strategic outings. They consist of local pilgrimages for essentials like breakfast and lunch; otherwise, they are specific outings to satisfy dangerous cravings in need of quelling, like Portuguese custard tarts from Wall 180 or home-style burgers with the lot from Danny’s Diner. Read more

Geoff Hudson used to be a geologist by trade, but then decided to give that up to become The Italian Gardener. Geoff’s website specialises in selling Italian heirloom vegetable seeds, which chefs such as Maggie Beer and Stefano Manfredi praise.

More and more chefs are turning to heirloom vegetables to help give their dishes an extra dimension in flavour. Read more

Señor BBQ was definitely the most memorable food stall, likely due to the whiffs of juicy ribs, chorizo and chicken wings sizzling on beds of charcoal. The passionate and upbeat Hernan explains how to cook meat the Argentinean way. Firstly, there is no need for marinade as it is slow cooked on charcoal. The secret lies in how the beef is cut so when it cooks, the marrow starts to melt into the meat. Read more

Zumbo! The name itself jumps off your lips. It sounds like an exclamation of joy in another tongue and, in a way, it is – the creations of patissier Adriano Zumbo having brought delight to so many. Adriano Zumbo’s session opened the inaugural SBS Food Journey Festival at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building. The hour was early but the people had flocked to watch Adriano like flies to honey. Read more

On the final day of the SBS Food Journey Festival, showing us his signature dishes is the world-renowned Tetsuya Wakuda. While his restaurant is known for its contemporary fusion of Australian, Japanese and French, what follows isn’t a demonstration of tricky restaurant techniques or rare, expensive ingredients, but ideas that can be applied to any kitchen. Read more

What makes products stand out by Blue M Food Co. is that they’re fresh and handmade, offering a range of both sweet and savoury gourmet condiments. Only the best ingredients are used, with no artificial preservatives or bulking agents. All but one of their products contain no extra salt. Read more

Gabriel Gaté was on the Feasting Stage at this year's SBS Food Journey Festival, talking about how to become a better cook and his large audience listened intently. His theory was that a person should master one new dish a month by cooking the same dish several times, each time perfecting and altering it to your family’s palate and taste. Read more