It was a nice Sunday afternoon when Mr. B and I made our way to the SBS Food Journey Festival. The weather was unexpectedly warm, a nice change from previous days, and made it a perfect day out.
Anh Nguyen

9 Mar 2011 - 5:36 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

SBS Food Journey Festival is an effort to bring together food and culture. Held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, there were activities both indoor and outdoor.

I absolutely love the outdoor activities, which were filled with delicious food offerings. We could sample food from Asian cuisines from Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and more. What a pity there was not a Vietnamese stall, though. It was delicious – perhaps the most popular stall of the day was the Argentinean barbecue meat. The guys at the stall were funny and friendly, and even though the food offered was not at the top-quality end, the fun of seeing, smelling and tasting char-coaled meat made up for it. I also loved the huge open paella pan!

I was supposed to cover Tetsuya’s cooking demonstrating session. Unfortunately, there was a problem of getting there on time. By the time we arrived at the 'stage" it was really hard to listen and see what Tetsuya was doing from afar, despite the aid of equipments. I guess it could have been better if the demonstration had been held inside. We couldn’t retain our interests in the heat, so Mr. B and I decided to discover other part of the festival.

Fortunately, there were other interesting activities to do at the SBS Food Journey Festival. Besides the delicious food from different cuisines, I was delighted to see some unusual fruits – finger limes for instance.

The indoor area was also jam packed with activities. There were a lot of products on offer, from food and wine to kitchen equipments. The good thing was we were able to converse with the sellers and often the producers of these products. I found it an engaging way to fully appreciate what was on offer. Mr. B and I had soft spot for honey, and we sampled a lot and stocked up on a few products. We also discovered some fantastic bush products. The key lime dukkah we had was fantastic.

Overall, SBS Food Journey Festival was a lovely event for a family day out and there were enough activities for everybody. It’s an interesting concept, and I hope next year festival will be even bigger to celebrate the diverse food culture we have in this country.

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