Learn what gives Flinders Island Meat that distinctive flavour, visit the family farm that's growing organic purple garlic, and taste the medal-winning wines of Unavale Vineyard.
30 Aug 2011 - 11:41 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

Flinders Island Meats

James Madden
0437 420 835
429 Lackrana Road, Flinders Island, Tas 7255

Some say the wind that picks up tiny saltwater particles, which fall on the pastures, is what gives Flinders Island meat that distinctive flavour. Others say it's the grass-fed, hormone and drug free, non-genetically modified livestock. It's this extra taste of flavour that has made Flinders Island Meat an acclaimed brand by chefs country wide. And it's the knowledge that old-style honest practices are used that keeps them coming back.

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Brymworth Farm

Sophie Pitchford
(03) 63598455
0411 103 975
2154 Palana Road, Flinders Island, Tas 7255

Brymworth Farm is a small family farm located on the west coast of Flinders Island. Being surrounded by wild elephant garlic inspired the dream of growing organic garlic. Realising the potential and longing for the desire to be self-sufficient, the farm has evolved into a viable business built up over three years. Brymworth Farm currently grows Flinders Island purple garlic and is trialling the Spanish rojo variety. In total, the farm has planted out 90,000 this year. Brymworth Farm Garlic will be harvested late November and will be available to buy via the website, or by placing an order on the phone.

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Wadley Mutton Birds

Steven Wadley
0488 511 907
1 Thunder and Lightening Road, Cape Barren Island

Flinders Island Organics

Helen Cassidy
0418 154 173
PO Box 125, Whitemark, Flinders Island Tas 7255

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Killara Pastoral

Anna Anderson
(03) 6359 9786
2282 Memana Road, Flinders Island

Partridge Farm

Lorraine Holloway
(03) 6359 3554
310 Badger Corner Road, Flinders Island, Tas 7255

Unavale Vineyard

Roger Watson
0427 593 632
Unavale Vineyard, 10 Badger Corner, Road, Flinders Island, Tas 7255

Unavale is a small boutique vineyard and winery, the only one on Flinders Island, in fact. The pristine environment, combined with local community involvement, has resulted in "Flinders Island in a bottle". All Unavale Vineyard whites have received show medals in the Tasmanian-based wine shows. Visitors are welcome to taste these distinct wines and experience the Flinders Island terroir. The wines can be posted anywhere in Australia.

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