• Sydney-based chef Jackie Shonquist (SBS Food)Source: SBS Food
Roti means bread in Malaysian, and Jackie Shonquist served this version of roti canai at the restaurant she used to run in Sydney's Concord. She continually tweaks the recipe to her taste and serves it with vegetarian dhal. For dessert, she fills the pastry with sliced banana or pandan-and-coconut jam.
Jackie Shonquist

12 Sep 2011 - 3:31 PM  UPDATED 31 Mar 2021 - 9:38 AM

How to make roti canai (scroll through the images above; get the full recipe here)

Measure out all the ingredients and place in a bowl.

Use your hands (or an electric mixer) to knead the ingredients until a soft dough forms.

Use a knife to cut the dough into eight equal portions.

Use your hands to roll each portion into a ball.

Coat each portion with a generous amount of ghee.

Place the dough portions in a bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and leave to rest for about 8 hours.

Using your palms, flatten 1 dough portion onto a clean work surface.

Flick the dough towards, then immediately away from your body, slapping the furthest edge onto the table first. Continue this action, moving your hands around the edge of the dough in between flicking.

When the dough is paper-thin, lay it on a clean surface and pull out the edges as far as you can without ripping the dough.

Dab a little ghee in the centre, and fold the sides in to form a square.

Heat ghee in a frying pan or griddle. Fry the roti for about a minute each side, or until puffed and cooked.

Clap the roti with both hands so it puffs up. Serve with a savoury or sweet dip.