Summer is all about entertaining – whether that means enjoying long balmy afternoons with friends over a few nibbles and cocktails (check out our global bar, page 38), or spending a morning shopping for special ingredients to create a memorable dinner party (like the epic Chinese banquet on page 78 inspired by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on SBS this month). Regardless of the occasion, food brings people together, and that shared experience can create wonderful memories for weeks (if not years, depending on the food and conversation!) to come.
6 Dec 2011 - 3:05 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

A wonderful example of this is the South African football tournament that we were invited to (page 43). Families spent days comparing their recipes and cooking up a storm to create the food of their homeland. These dishes conjured up memories from the past, but had also been tweaked to accommodate new tastes and their new home.

More family and food memories can be found in deputy editor Selma Nadarajah’s visit to her family home in Malaysia (page 108). From the Nyonya curries of her mother’s childhood to the Indian thosai from her father’s, Selma’s food journey (and that of her parents) is one of many influences and flavours. Don’t miss her mother’s much-loved braised pork recipe (page 117).

But back to simple summer entertaining – check out our Cuban feature (page 62) and try a barbecue of mojo chicken, or the decadent three-milks sponge cake from our cover that had the office raving. Then, turn to page 92 for our take on refreshing icy treats from around the world. We hope you enjoy this issue and we’d love you to share your favourite summer entertaining ideas. Email us at and follow us on Twitter.

Editor’s note: We have received a number of enquiries about where to buy Dutch speculaas biscuit moulds as featured in Issue 4 on page 94. You can order similar wooden ma’amoul moulds from Harkola on (02) 9737 5888 or plastic versions from Crazy Coffee and Nuts on (02) 9559 7495 for between $5 and $6 per mould, plus postage.