These expert tips will help you achieve the perfect balance of flavours.
13 May 2013 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

Seasoning meat for goulash

After you have diced your meat for the goulash place it in a plastic bag and add flour and salt and pepper. Twist the top of the bag to seal and give it a good shake. This will ensure that all the meat is evenly coated in the seasoned mixture before you brown it.

Different paprikas

When using paprika make sure you are using the right variety for the dish you are cooking. The Spanish smoked paprika is ideal for paella, while the Hungarian sweet paprika is quite different in flavour and is ideal for their goulash.

Fatty casseroles

If you find that your goulash is too fatty either let it rest on the stove for a few minutes and then skim off the fat. If you have a little extra time place the goulash in the fridge and allow the fat to solidify on top of the dish. Remove fat before reheating.

Cooking with paprika

Paprika’s high sugar content means it burns easily - when adding paprika to hot oil, always remove the pot from the heat, so that the heat brings out the aroma and colour of the spice, but doesn’t burn it.