This orange/citron hybrid was introduced to the Middle East and Mediterranean from Asia via Arab traders. By the 15th century, Colombus had brought it to the shores of the Americas where it has since become a major crop. Initially used for decorative and medicinal purposes, lemons soon asserted their culinary potential across the globe.
Rachel Bartholomeusz & Madeleine Jennings

17 Aug 2013 - 11:48 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM


Lemon focaccia (focaccia al limone)
While this Italian flatbread originates from Liguria, there are variations all over Italy including versions with cheese, tomato, potato and capsicum. Meyer lemons suit this recipe because they’re not as acidic as the more common Lisbon and Eureka varieties. If using Meyer lemons, reduce the cooking time by 10 minutes.

Shaker lemon tart
Also known as Ohio lemon pie, this dessert with a marmalade-like filling was considered a specialty of the Ohio Shaker community, which no longer exists. Lemons were difficult to grow in the American mid-west, so these pies were prized offerings. You will need a 22cm fluted tart pan with removable base.

Lemon chiffon cakes
Adaptations of Western-style desserts, such as cream sponge cakes, are especially popular with the younger Japanese. While yuzu may be the citrus of choice in Japan, we have flavoured these cakes with lemons and have made them in the style of a light and fluffy American chiffon cake.

Lemon delicious
This pudding is quintessentially Australian, and runs a close race with Pavlova and lamington as the nation’s favourite dessert. It is sometimes called lemon surprise because beneath the light, spongy topping lies a runny, tangy lemon custard.

Fish fillets in lemon & white wine sauce (filetes de pescado en salsa de limon y vino blanco)
This savoury dish combines the classic Mediterranean flavours of garlic, lemon, capers and white wine. Lemons were introduced to Spain in the 11th century, and the country has since become one of the world’s leading citrus producers. Lemons feature heavily in both sweet and savoury Spanish cuisine.

Lemon charlotte (charlotte au citron)
This recipe is a variation on the classic charlotte russe, created by famed French pa^tissier and confectioner Marie-Antoine Care^me. Instead of full cream or mousse, we’ve combined a tart lemon curd with cream. For extra flavour, soak the biscuits in coffee or liqueur before assembling the charlotte.