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Meet our everyday baker Anneka Manning. In her weekly online column, she shares baking rituals, modern and ancient, and techniques from around the world, from her oven to yours. Read all her columns here.
Anneka Manning

25 Oct 2013 - 3:51 PM  UPDATED 4 Aug 2020 - 9:45 AM

We're celebrating our 50th column!

This month we're celebrating Bakeproof's 50th column anniversary the only way we know how - with these showstopper cakes. Hurrah! Happy baking!

Celebration layer cakes


Christmas baking with fresh herbs

Need to give your festive baking an edge this year? Add fresh and fragrant savoury herbs, like basil, rosemary, thyme and sage. There'll be no competition as to whose dessert is best.


A guide to gluten-free baking

Our guide to gluten-free baking with tips and a glossary of alternative flours and ingredients, plus recipes (which happen to be dairy-free too!).

How to make the perfect meringue

Our foolproof guide on how to make the perfect meringue, plus tips, tricks and fixes to troubleshoot any problems.

Jewish baking

A bedrock of wonderful food traditions, steeped with symbolism.

Bundt cakes

Beautiful Bundts may be the It Cake social media pin-ups but they have origins in the homely European kugelhupfs.

Sourdough 101

A practical, step-by-step guide with tips, tricks and timelines to making your own sourdough starter and baking with it. The method is logical and simplified for beginner bakers to follow (and expert bakers to hone).

Autumn fruits

Fruit that feels like water balloons when ripe, that smells like vanilla but is inedible until cooked, that is from the Tree of Life, that stains your hand crime-scene crimson - welcome to the world of persimmons, quinces, figs and pomegranates.

Easter baking

There's more to Easter baking than hot cross buns and chocolate eggs (as much as we love them). Around the world, Easter is celebrated with a range of butter-enriched yeasted breads, laden with spices. 

Lebanese classics

How do you impress your future Lebanese mother-in-law? Bake her the recipes, steeped in cultural and family history, closest to her heart.

Brownies, brownies!

They are rich, dark and fudgy - or sometimes cakey. Or both. 

Festive cookies

We call it a cookie tin, Germans know it as Weihnachtsplätzchen and it's 7 Sorters Kakor in Swedish. Whatever you call it, know that these biscuits are delicious and ideal for holiday gift-giving.

DIY dessert bar

The celebratory season is rolling on in, so bring your party A-Game with these shareable, playful desserts from our resident baker Anneka Manning.

Yeast-leavened flatbreads

Flatbread is a clever multitasker. It's used to dip into, scoop up or sop up, wrap, cover and carry other food, and works well as a blank edible canvas to top as you wish.

Little cakes

Little cakes satisfy that exquisitely selfish pleasure of having a sweet treat all to one’s self, without having to share.


Bosnian baking

This column is a collaboration with SBS Food Deputy Editor, Farah Celjo, a keen home baker who shares some of the love and delight behind her Bosnian heritage, plus a few treasured homespun recipes.



The melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness of the modern pie evolved from food wrapped in a parcel of reeds. Let's all be thankful for butter, lard and oil, without which, our flaky pie crust would just be, ah, crusty.


Winter root vegetables

This week’s Bakeproof column celebrates winter’s bounty with a selection of recipes for root vegetables, in all their robust, rugged glory.




This week's delicious Bakeproof column is all about classic caramel, with a tasty savoury tart and a host of sumptuous sweet treats.


Scandi baking

Indulge in sweet, spicy comfort food direct from the heart of Scandinavia. Anneka's recipes for buttery biscuits, luscious cakes and more-ish cinnamon buns from Sweden, Norway and Denmark will infuse your kitchen with irresistible aromas and captivate all who taste them.


Anneka's BakeClass book

My love affair with baking started early... 


Aussie Day favourites

Classic Aussie treats get a playful update in this week's Bakeproof column. From Anzac bikkie ice-cream sandwiches to a meat pie with Asian influences, Anneka Manning's recipes will become your new-found favourites!


Kids in the kitchen 

Kids can be incredibly capable in the kitchen – and working through recipes is a fun way for them to develop skills and self-esteem. Our resident baker Anneka Manning, herself a mother of two, shares sweet and savoury recipes that everyone will enjoy making and eating.



Gifts from the kitchen 

From rich choc-orange panforte to salty, addictive rosemary-spiced cashews, these recipes from our resident baker Anneka Manning will make the perfect festive gift. 


Latin American cakes

From a chocolate-custard cake that performs magic in the oven to the deliciously sweet pastel de tres leches, the cakes of Latin America are rich and indulgent. In this month’s column our everyday baker Anneka Manning shares six recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Bakeproof: Latin American cakes


Choux pastry

Little golden puffs of choux pastry are one of the kitchen's acts of magic. It's easier than you think with this step-by-step guide from our everyday baker, Anneka Manning, who this week shows you how to make eclairs, profiteroles and clever salted caramel choux swans.


Winter citrus

Meet our everyday baker Anneka Manning. Each month, she'll be sharing her baking rituals, modern and ancient, and baking techniques from around the world. This week, she shares ideas for making the most of oranges, lemons and other citrus.


Comforting custard

Meet our everyday baker Anneka Manning. Each month, she'll be sharing her baking rituals, modern and ancient, and baking techniques from around the world. This week, she explores baked and stirred custard in the form of puddings, pastry and tarts.


Best of British baking

Meet our everyday baker Anneka Manning. Each month, she'll be sharing her baking rituals, modern and ancient, and baking techniques from around the world. This week, she shares six British classics with fascinating back stories.


Euro-inspired: Austrian baking


Wake up: Autumn brunch


Baking essentials: Easy chocolate cakes

Easy chocolate cakes


In season: Stone fruit


Entertaining: Cakes for crowds


Classics: Traditional Christmas baking

Use a blowtorch to toast the meringue lightly to resemble bark.


Entertaining: Crowd pleasers


Classics: Childhood favourites


Need to know: Baking like a French housewife


Need to know: Moroccan spice


Ingredient: Coconut


Classics: Scones


Classics: Sponge cake


Favourite: Lamingtons

All hail the humble combination of sponge, chocolate and coconut on this most welcome day: Lamington Day.


Need to know: Never fail shortcrust pastry



Winter warmers: Comfort puddings


Techniques: Cookies in a hurry


Ingredient: Apples


Global community: Danish


Baking rituals: Easter

Dried cherry and chocolate hot cross buns.


10 minutes with Anneka Manning 


Anneka's mission is to connect home cooks with the magic of baking, and through this, with those they love. Visit her at BakeClub. Don't miss what's coming out of her oven via FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.