It all begins the same way – with water and flour, and perhaps a little yeast.
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25 Jan 2014 - 9:58 AM  UPDATED 28 Oct 2014 - 9:25 PM

It's there that things get exciting, the endless possibilities kneaded, shaped and rolled into form. The ancient ritual of bread-making finds different expression in different cultures, from the richest brioche to the most humble of flatbreads – and whether you pull your prize off the griddle, out of the oven, or from the tandoor, the joy of warm, fresh bread is universal. Flour and water are your ticket to this global bread adventure, where you can start with Brazilian cheese puffs for breakfast, and finish with a Hyderabadi bread pudding for dessert.


French toast (pain perdu)
Polish onion-filled 'bagels' (bialy)
Italian flatbread with prosciutto and fontina (piadina)
Turkish pizza with spicy mince (lahmacun)
Irish soda bread ice-cream
Portuguese breadcrumb, black bean and kale salad (migas)
Turkish circular sesame bread (simit)
German sweet dumplings with vanilla sauce (dampfnudel)
Greek fried dough with cheese and honey (lalangia)


Mexican potato and chorizo sandwiches (pambazos)
Monkey bread
Brazilian cheese breads (pao de queijo)
Venezuelan corn cakes stuffed with shredded beef, black beans and rice (arepas rellenas)
Spiced Jamaican rolls (bulla)


Middle East and Africa
East African stuffed flatbread (keema chapati)
Ethiopian flatbread (himbasha)
Moroccan chermoula chicken with khobz (khobz & chermoula dajaj)
Azerbaijani herb-filled 'pancakes' (goyarti gutabi)
Hummus with spiced lamb (hummus b'lahmeh)
Lebanese zaatar pizza (man'oushe bi zaatar)


Filipino rolls filled with adobo (adobo pandesal)
Malaysian roti canai with butter prawns (roti canai dengan udang mentega)
Indian potato-stuffed bread fritters (bread pakodas)
Chinese steamed buns filled with crisp, spiced chicken (mantou jiaoyan ji)
Indian bread pudding (double ka meetha)



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