Aired 4pm, Saturday 4 November 2017 on SBS. Adam travels to the Western Australian wheatbelt and discovers an abundance of ancient foods from all across the world, including Egyptian sheep, Italian and Croatian fruit and South American grain.
10 Jul 2014 - 11:46 AM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2017 - 11:23 AM

Western Australia’s wheatbelt is abundant with ancient crops, and on this journey from the outskirts of Perth to Narembeen, Adam meets many hardworking farmers who have based their livelihoods on unusual ingredients. It’s grape-picking season in the Swan Valley and, while visiting a couple whose Croatian ancestors have been growing table grapes for centuries, Adam whips up a grape and rosemary focaccia. He then visits a pistachio orchard nearby. Peaches are also in season, so Adam lends a hand in a fruitpacking shed and makes an Italian-inspired dessert with this fleshy stone fruit. He next meets a wheat-turned-quinoa farmer and learns of the challenges of making the South American crop work. After meeting a farmer running an Egyptian breed of sheep, Adam creates a Middle Eastern lamb masterpiece.



Grape and rosemary focaccia
Peach Giuliana
Ancient grain maqlouba


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  • 3000 Grapes, 0431 596 489, 3000 West Swan Rd, Caversham (Swan Valley) WA 6055 (Open January-April)
  • Damara Farms Australia, (08) 9064 7276 or 0429 888 750, Narembeen WA 6369
  • WA Pistachios, 0430 739 089, Grass Valley WA 6403
  • Weemala Orchard, (08) 9293 5227, Perth Hills WA 6076