Craft beer and barbecues go together like... well, craft beer and most things. But here are four excellent reasons to celebrate the partnership
James Squire

14 Jul 2014 - 9:37 AM  UPDATED 25 Mar 2019 - 3:00 PM

It’s not exactly news that a beer and a barbecue represent one of the holiest unions known to man. Having said that, there are so many more ways in which beer can enhance your summer barbecue experience than simply giving you something to cling to with the hand that’s not prodding the snags.

Not only does beer add a depth of flavour to your cooking if you use it in a marinade – it also contains enzymes that break down the fibres in your meat, making it more tender.

We’ve collected four of the best beer-based marinades for you to try at your next barbie.

Garlic beer marinade for grilled chicken

This little beauty from The Slow Roasted Italian is relatively quick and easy to whip up, but its true value comes from how long you leave it to marinate. The recipe recommends leaving it in the fridge for 24 hours, and while even half an hour will get you a decent flavour, if you can manage to wait a whole day your taste buds will reap the rewards.

Beer chicken

This one isn’t exactly a marinade but it needs to be included here for novelty factor and the fact that it creates the juiciest chicken you’ve ever tasted. Simply halve a beer can (not very 'craft', but stick with us), put it inside the chicken and leave standing upright on a roasting tray in a covered barbecue for about three hours. We found a good, easy-to-follow recipe here.

Beer and brown sugar marinated beef steak

This recipe from Yummly promises to be mouthwatering – a mixture of sweet and salty with the added caramel flavour of a dark beer. It’s easy as anything to whip up and it will take your steaks to dizzying new heights.

Beer and lime marinated salmon

For something really impressive, you can’t go past this salmon dish from The recipe is American so things like ‘bell peppers’ may trip you up, but don’t be afraid, oh culinary soldier – they’re talking about capsicums. Give it a go – you won’t regret it.