In this 10-part series Made in Italy, Silvia Colloca – actress and author of cookbook Silvia’s Cucina – will serve up an Italy rarely seen by tourists.
10 Oct 2014 - 11:39 AM  UPDATED 9 May 2016 - 5:36 PM

Cucina povera. These two little words evoke culinary romance and heartwarming thoughts that could only ever come from Italy. Translating to "peasant cuisine", this type of cooking has a rustic charm that makes food lovers weak at the knees.

Made in Italy sees Silvia visit three picturesque regions of Italy that are close to her heart - Abruzzo, Le Marche and Molise - to re-discover authentic cucina povera and create healthy meals with local produce available in Australia.

Silvia, who shot to culinary fame with her blog, Silvia’s Cucina, that led to a successful cookbook of the same name, takes us back to meet her own family and live, breathe and eat the food culture of everyday Italians, to show viewers a fresh approach to food... cooking Italian like an Italian.

Silvia has lived in Australia for nearly a decade. She was born and raised in Milan, but her loyalty to Italian food lies within the hills and mountains of Abruzzo, a region east of Rome. It is where Silvia’s mother came from and where she spent most of her summers growing up. The daily food is mostly simple, cooked with love and embedded with a sense of what’s good for you.
Although Australians have embraced the pizza, veal and bolognaise side of Italy, everyday Italian food can happily accommodate the latest nutrition trends. It’s this fresh and healthy side of Italy that Silvia wants to share.

Every episode sees Silvia meet locals, cooking in their kitchens and allowing viewers a peek inside the true Italian secret of la dolce vita. She will meet chefs and cooks, who open up their box of culinary delights for viewers.

But it is Silvia’s own family kitchen in her Abruzzo home that is at the heart of Made in Italy. She will share intimate family moments with her own loved ones as they cook, eat and laugh, revealing why Italian cuisine is not just about eating.


To check out the episode guide, or scroll through Silvia's recipes, head to our Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca website, and tune in at 9pm, Thursday 19 May on SBS.