Matthew’s crash course in agrarian ways finds him settling into the routine of life on the farm, but that also brings new and confronting challenges.
25 Dec 2014 - 5:57 PM  UPDATED 9 Feb 2015 - 5:06 PM

Matthew is settling into the routine of life on the farm and, impulsively, he decides to add turkeys to his menagerie – a decision he starts to regret. Meanwhile, he attends to installing a wood-fired stove, a practical but initially expensive way to cook and heat his house. To ensure good outcomes from its use, he and Nick visit Nene on Bruny Island for a lesson. In return, he offers to roast one of his turkeys. As it cooks, they go abalone-diving and return for a feast of abalone stir-fry and roast turkey. Back on the farm, another confronting challenge – Matthew must learn how to dispatch his over-supply of roosters, with the help of his friend Jen. 



Roasted turkey

Stir-fried abalone with Ross' sambal, ginger and purslane

Beer-sozzled chicken with sage and garlic