Matthew has been planning to build a commercial kitchen but the cost is prohibitive. Ross tells him about a caravan fitted out with a commercial kitchen that's for sale on Bruny Island. The mobile kitchen would also be great for Matthew’s other venture – making and selling foods in markets and festivals around Tasmania.
3 Jan 2015 - 12:07 PM  UPDATED 10 Feb 2015 - 2:36 PM

Festivale, Tasmania’s biggest food fair, is looming and the caravan would be perfect. Matthew discovers that the caravan has a special bun warmer, which gets him and Ross thinking about their menu for Festivale. Knackwurst made with Matthew’s own free-range pork, made by local Thomas Beuke, and pulled-pork served in buns. It’s also tomato season and the guys, along with their families, get together for their annual tomato passata and sauce day. This year, things have become competitive as Nick and Sadie have each found tomato-sauce recipes handed down from their grandmothers. Only a tasting with visitors to Festivale will resolve the matter.



Ross' pulled pork

Newlands sauce (Sadie's great-grandma's tomato sauce)

Nick's grandpa Steve's tomato sauce