See what the staff at Hartsyard eat before service begins.
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2 Mar 2015 - 12:04 PM  UPDATED 2 Mar 2015 - 12:15 PM

CUISINE Modern Chinese
DATE 9 January, 2015
TIME 4.30pm
STAFF MEAL COOKED BY Hendra Salim, fried chicken technician 
STAFF MEAL Mi goreng with fried chicken and egg salad with peanut sauce 


“My auntie taught me how to cook mi goreng. Growing up in Indonesia, if we were hungry, it would be either mi goreng or nasi goreng. For us, it’s street food: easy, fast – it’s the best. When I cook the staff meal here at Hartsyard, it tastes like home. Although, here, we have it with American fried chicken; we don’t do that in Borneo. I add both kecap manis and oyster sauce to my recipe, and today we had pork belly, too, which I steamed until tender and then deep-fried so it’s really crunchy and golden. Everyone takes turns cooking the staff meal – it can be competitive! Phill [Morgan] makes a porchetta roast, or his Philly cheese steaks. And, sometimes, Andy [Bowden], our pastry chef, even makes desserts from cake offcuts!”


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