Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom begins 14 May, 8pm on SBS ONE. In this new series, Luke embarks on a culinary exploration around the United Kingdom, unearthing the unique, quirky and mouth-watering delicacies of this historic and fascinating island.
15 Apr 2015 - 4:35 PM  UPDATED 29 Apr 2015 - 10:24 AM

Following the popular series, Luke Nguyen’s France, which explored the culinary influences that shaped Vietnam, Luke’s ancestral home, this new series peels back the layers of the UK food identity. With his heritage never too far away, Luke unearths the multicultural diversity that has changed tastebuds in the United Kingdom.

From chasing succulent langoustines and sampling Scottish haggis, to learning the secrets of a traditional Cornish pasty, Luke discovers the quirky, delicious and famous dishes that make the UK a unique food landscape. 


Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom starts Thursday 14 May 2015 at 8pm on SBS ONE and finishes 2 July 2015. Visit the Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom website to catch-up on episodes online, scroll through recipes or find out more about the show