What a time to be alive and eating a tiny meal.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

17 Mar 2016 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 17 Mar 2016 - 5:41 PM

Forget a watch that counts your steps and tells you that your partner just texted you to pick up milk on the way home, what about a watch that serves you a teeny, tiny bento meal?

Perfect for those days when you look down at your watch and realise it's 4pm and you forgot to eat lunch once again, the watch flips open to reveal a wholly edible, albeit miniscule meal of vegetables, cut to precision by a plastic surgeon and cooked by a top chef.

"But how do you eat it?" you wonder. Well friend, expandable chopsticks shoot out from the side of the watch, so you don't have to get in there with your giant grubby fingers.


Unfortunately, there's only one Bento Watch in the world, and it's not for sale, so your dreams of dining in style while on the go are dashed against the wall once more.

Created by Tokyo-based Takii Seeds to show off their agriculture skills, the watch was designed by a master craftsman, and all the food was placed into the watch-face by a diorama hobbyist.

Even if you can't buy a Bento Watch right now, the fact that it is a thing that exists in this current world is still amazing. And hey, maybe one day we'll all be eating out of our wrists.

What a time to be alive.