It'll make the other mums green with envy.
Sarah Norton

6 May 2016 - 9:00 AM  UPDATED 6 May 2016 - 10:59 AM

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and we all need to say a big thank you to the amazing and inspiring women in our lives. And if you are thinking about what to get your Mum, here's an idea.

She doesn’t like flowers? Doesn’t want chocolate? Doesn’t need another frame with a family photo? Don’t worry, you got this. Why not try some form of flowery-food love.

Avocado flowers are quite the online trend at the moment, so why embrace it and give your artistic culinary skills a go. Here's a short how-to video to show you how it's done.

You can even lay that art down on toast – it’s an adult version of the drawings you used to do at school to take home for Mother’s Day and stick on the fridge.

If mum’s got more of a salty tooth why not get her a bunch of bacon, in a bouquet. Not Quite Nigella shows that the process is simple; roll rashers of bacon from the larger end to the smaller end and hold closed with a pin. Bake in the oven. De-flower plastic rose stems, and impale cooked bacon rose in the petal's place.

If your mum isn’t into meat and would prefer to get some flower-filled love from vegetables, you can make her a radish flower (watch Thailand's Mutita EdibleArt's YouTube video on how to carve one) or a carrot flower.

If flowers really aren’t your mum’s thing – even in food form - then how about carving hearts out of an apple. 

And there's always breakfast in bed...
Maple, cardamom and almond granola

There really is nothing like a homemade cereal. One word of advice though – don’t leave the cardamom out as it gives this granola an elusive and fascinating flavour.

Banana hotcakes with bacon and maple syrup

Hide bananas in a brown paper bag until they're super ripe, unappealingly brown, but sweetly funky. Salty bacon balances out the banana's sweet undertone, so don't leave it out. If you do, sprinkle over some sea salt flakes. 

Baked eggs on a bed of roasted cherry tomatoes

Juicy hot cherry tomatoes pop in your mouth with just a hint of basil for sweetness. When both mingle with creamy baked eggs, it’s an amazing combination of texture and flavour that makes for very happy tastebuds. You can serve these eggs for breakfast or brunch, but I’d eat them for dinner any day. I highly recommend serving the eggs with a side of polenta fries to soak up all the juicy goodness.

Greek baked beans

Gigantes plaki, or "giant beans", are traditionally served as part of a mezze, and this easy recipe can also satisfy as a stand-alone main. Traditionally cooked in an earthenware pot, this recipe uses petimezi to lend a gentle sweetness to the dish.