• Halal Snack Pack on the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society (HSPAS) Page. (Facebook)Source: Facebook
This will make it a lot easier to satisfy your late night cravings.
Sarah Norton

24 Jun 2016 - 10:47 AM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2016 - 2:11 PM

After a Facebook appreciation group was created in December last year as an ode to Halal Snack Packs (HSP), the chip, doner meat, cheese and sauces combo has taken off Australia-wide. 

Only in Australia
Unpacking the halal snack pack
Kebabs are no longer king: snack packs are now the best seller at your local kebab shop thanks to the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society.

But although the HSP has become a bestseller across the country and the Facebook HSP Appreciation Group now has over 142, 000 members, it's not always easy for those fans to track down a great late-night snack. Kebab shops – for the most part – are independently owned so there's not always much information available online.

Enter Deshan Ranchhod, an IT and Commerce student at Swinburne University in Melbourne. Ranchhod used his uni holidays to create a little side project and invented an HSP app called Get Me HSP.

The app is an HSP locator that shows you where to find closest kebab store serving up Halal snack packs.

“The app works by grabbing your GPS location (with your phone) and using that to work out what kebab shops and HSP stores are within 10km of you,” Ranchhod tells SBS. “Users can see rankings for stores and leave reviews so others can find the best food.”

Customers seem to be loving the app so far on iTunes.

“Easy to use and shows all the places around you. Great for people looking for a feast or that late night meal after a night out! Get on it!” Lukey76422737 writes on the app’s review page.

Another customer Guesswho270 writes, “As a lover of HSP, this is the best thing I could’ve downloaded!”

The app even has its own Facebook page

Ranchhod says that he was inspired by the idea after he was out in Melbourne one night and really wanted a kebab but didn’t know where to go or what places would be open.

When asked what he loves most about the HSP, the app creator says, “The meat of course. It really is perfection and the taste is amplified if it’s after a big night.”

Of course, you can also kebab at home...
Adana kebab

In Turkey, every region, city and even village has its own kebab (or kebap) recipe, but Adana in the south-east is world-renowned. Its classic kebab is so revered it has achieved DOC status – the making and cooking of the kebab dictated by strict rules.

Chicken souvlaki with chopped salad

Greece’s best-known food, the souvlaki, might date back to ancient times, but shops specialising in meat cooked on sticks and gyros didn't appear in the country until after World War Two. Since then, the satisfying skewers have taken the world by storm, and for good (read: delicious) reason. We've used chicken in this recipe, but pork or lamb would work equally well. Serve your souvlaki with tzatziki or Greek yoghurt, as well as the chopped salad and cos leaves, if you like.

Syrian-style hummus, lamb kebab

The secret to Syrian-style hummus is that it’s made with roasted chickpeas and that’s what gives it such a unique flavour. The kebabs are just as simple – no marinating or heavy seasoning. It’s all about the quality of the lamb and the fat you buy.

Beef shawarma with tahini sauce

"Although it’s not traditional, I love to throw the meat on sliced bread with barbecue sauce and Swiss cheese, then toast it," says Mohamed Fettayleh of Abu Ahmad Butchery.