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The who and why behind Sugar Free Farm.
9 Jun 2016 - 10:37 AM  UPDATED 27 Jun 2016 - 12:11 PM

Could you give up sugar for two weeks? These 6 stars accept this challenge - watch as they experience the highs, the lows and the transformations, in Sugar Free Farm.

Meet the 6 celebs...

Mark Labbett

English television personality, Mark is best known for his role as a ‘Chaser’ on the ITV gameshow The Chase in the UK. He took up this role in 2009 and has since appeared on the American version as their sole Chaser in 2013, and is currently appearing on the Australian version as one of the five chasers.

At 6ft 6" (over 2 metres) and over 23 stone (146 kilos), Mark is an eating machine. He turned 50 last year and plans to start a family soon with his new wife so is keen to get control of his sugar addiction and become healthier and happier with his physique once and for all.

Jane McDonald

An English singer, actress, media personality and broadcaster, Jane rose to fame in 1998 after her appearance on a documentary series, The Cruise on the BBC network. When on the road, she lives on a diet of convenience food and is becoming more aware of the importance of her health, as she sees her peers battling with illness due to a poor diet. 

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer is a dancer, singer and actress, known for her successful career on British soap opera Brookside. Having always been physically fit, Jennifer struggled to lose her baby weight and has gone from weighing 9 stone (58 kilos) as an international ballet champion to 14 stone (89 kilos) today. Addicted to drinking 6 cans of coke a day, Jennifer is too embarrassed to audition for new roles and is determined to get back into shape.

James 'Arg' Argent

James ‘Arg’ Argent is a much loved British television personality, singer and Radio DJ who shot to fame after becoming a regular cast member on ITV2’s The Only Way Is Essex. Arg is a bubbly and charismatic character but he has struggled with his weight and is known for being a yo-yo dieter. Arg has tried numerous times to lose weight and despite a love of sugary snacks and fast food, Arg is determined to prove that he can change his habits and improve his health.

Rory McGrath

British comedian and writer, Rory McGrath is best known for his television roles in Three Men in a Boat, Who Dares Wins and Chelmsford 123. Whilst Rory believes he is by no means a complete sugar addict, his penchant for booze has meant his sugar intake has always been incredibly high. He’s constantly dieting and states it is his lifelong ambition to lose that final stone (6.3 kilos).

Tupele Dorgu

Tupele is a British actress best known for her role on popular ITV soap opera Coronation Street. As a trained aerobics teacher, staying in shape has always been important to Tupele, but she admits to having a real sweet tooth and can’t stop indulging in her favourite cupcakes and biscuits. Tupele is looking to cut back on the sugar and learn to incorporate healthy-eating into her daily routine. 

So what on earth made these stars want to take part in Sugar Free Farm?


"It was obviously an interesting challenge because I’m a massive sugar consumer. It’s one of the reasons I’m so big; it’s my vice. So I thought the idea of two weeks on a farm would be an interesting challenge. I’m lucky that apart from being too heavy I’ve always kept myself in pretty decent shape, I go to the gym a lot, so I’ve got big strong muscles. At the same time I’m conscious that being this heavy is at some point going to catch up with me." 


"It was health for me, I’m not getting any younger but my job is getting harder, so I needed to make sure that I had the energy to be able to carry on doing the job at this rate. And also to help my partner, I want to live some great years with him and do an awful lot more in our lives, and we can only do that if we’re healthy."


"Well really from a health perspective, as I’ve always gone up and down with my weight, yo-­‐ yo dieted, so the thought of conquering that was appealing. Also I wanted to gain some more knowledge and experience as to the right things to eat, what things I needed to be cutting out and how I could change my life."


"I was in a rut. I had two babies quite close together and then straight away I opened my dance studio. It was only two weeks before I gave birth to my youngest son, Charlie, that I got the keys to the building, and there was so much work to be done. So straight after having my caesarean, it was all systems go. I really neglected myself and took no time for myself at all, and I didn’t look after my fitness or my health."


"I loved the idea of doing manual labour, especially physical work on a farm. I love being outdoors and I love the country. So much of my work is sedentary and in front of a computer screen. I also thought it would kick-­‐start some weight loss."


"I think I’m known within my circle of friends and family as the one that likes the cakes and the chocolate! I used to work out and train a bit, but then it got to the stage where I was just eating too many sugary things. The weight was kind of creeping on and it wasn’t getting any better. So as soon as the opportunity to do the series came up, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m guilty,’ so doing the series was really to see if I could find alternatives, or try and like sugar less, have coffee without sugar and see how I felt about it." 

Sugar Free Farm gets the celebrities down and dirty.

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Could you quit sugar cold turkey?
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