A Friday Feast for the seasons has just launched on Fat Pig Farm. The doors are officially opened and you can also join as each week sumptuous feasts are cooked by the Gourmet Farmer himself, Matthew Evans.
Farah Celjo

29 Aug 2016 - 1:54 PM  UPDATED 26 Sep 2017 - 6:28 PM

After years of dreaming and months of hard work, Matthew Evans and his wife Sadie Chrestman now launch their brand-new restaurant on their property, Fat Pig Farm.

The farm is already home to their family, their fresh produce, their new cookery school and their livestock - have you met Elsie, Iris and Alice, yet? 


And so, they officially add another notch onto their farm belts as they welcome the public to feast and frolic on Fat Pig Farm, and enjoy the abundance on offer all through their vibrant and seasonal menu offering.


Every Friday, Fat Pig Farm is opening its lunchtime doors to present a long, leisurely and comforting feast with matching drinks, all along a communal table. There Matthew and Sadie will serve up multiple dishes that utilise fresh and local produce from their gardens and paddock – all seasonal, homegrown and cooked up in front of you so you can watch on. Between courses, you’ll have a chance to explore the farm itself and find out about where all your food and ingredients have come from – a real paddock to plate experience.

The first of many Friday Feasts was launched last Friday and “it was very relaxed and cheerful” Sadie says. When we asked what was a popular standout, Sadie mentioned “That [pork] crackling! As well as the baby beetroot, chopped dill and Tongola curd – simple ingredients and so delicious!”

Try Matthew’s tongola pasta
Tomato, Tongola goat’s cheese and basil pasta

A lot of the year I use tinned tomatoes, but this dish relies on the freshness of summer’s fully ripened tomatoes.

Each week their menu will evolve and encompass seasonal ingredients and new dishes all in the hopes of sharing with the public a piece of their space, their time and their effort - that is Fat Pig Farm. All the while, still juggling their farm duties, cookery classes as well as their family time.

“Being able to cook up all the amazing food that we grow and rear on our farm” is what Matthew and Sadie are most excited about. And although Fridays are the only days available for feasting fun, they hope to introduce weekend picnic events during the summer period, as well.

“The wood-roasted free range Wessex saddleback pork leg with darkened apple”, is Matthew and Sadie’s Friday lunch go-to recipe. You can expect to see this roast-y and toasty dish on rotation on their current winter menu.

This is one home where the heart and feast is open to all so perhaps a long and luscious Friday lunch could be on the cards. 

Photography by Michelle Crawford of @hugoandelsa

For more information on Fat Pig Farm or on how to join in the feasting fun visit the website here 

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