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Chloe Papas

14 Nov 2016 - 11:07 AM  UPDATED 14 Nov 2016 - 11:07 AM

Two lattes and a puppy-cino please!

We all know that humans adore a caffeinated beverage or two, but now the Internet is going mad for dogs drinking puppy-cinos, pup cups. .

This current burst of current doggie adoration started when US Twitter user Kenn White tweeted the below photos of his cute German Shepard pup enjoying a ‘pup cup’ from Starbucks. 


The tweet grabbed at the heartstrings of the puppy-loving Internet, and within hours dog-owners were replying with photos of their own canine pals sipping on froth.

It’s all pretty adorable, but we must boast: in Australia our dogs have been sipping sophisticated beverages for years. 

Pet cafes and dog-friendly establishments across the country offer different versions of puppychinos: from puppacinos at Cafe Bones in NSW and First Coffee Co Dog Club in QLD, to bark-a-lattes at Perth’s Pet Lovers Cafe, our dogs know their coffee. 

But let’s back it up a second: do these drinks actually have coffee in them? Of course not!

At Melbourne’s Dog House, the dogachinos are made from a “special secret blend” of lactose free milk, egg and organic carob. 

“They are extremely popular, they are our most famous and most ordered item on the menu,” says manager Lyndsay Spooner.

“We have regulars returning every Sunday morning for their dogachino fix, and we always recommend them for a first timer as they're such a universal hit.”

According to Spooner, dogachinos are lapped up quicker than any meat dish served to the dogs that swing by their cafe. 

Really, how can you go wrong with a cute pup enjoying a bit of froth: 

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