• Shish restaurant in London will be serving free food on Christmas day (Twitter)
"We are here to sit with you. No one eats alone on Christmas Day."
Bianca Soldani

7 Dec 2016 - 2:20 PM  UPDATED 7 Dec 2016 - 2:23 PM

A Muslim-owned restaurant is looking out for the lonely and vulnerable this festive season by offering a free feed.

A three course spread, including chicken shish and Turkish yogurt dip caick, will be served to the homeless and elderly who turn up to Shish Restaurant in London between 12 and 6pm on Christmas Day.

The initiative has been attracting lots of love on social media after photos of the shopfront's posters were shared on Twitter.

“No one eats alone on Christmas Day,” one poster reads, “We are here to sit with you”.

Restaurant employee Hasan Masud tells BuzzFeed News, “We’re just helping people.”

“Lots of people stay home alone for Christmas… They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun.”

Here's what others have been saying on Twitter:

Turkish recipes for Christmas
Turkish tabouleh (Hande’s kisir)

Kisir is Turkish tabouleh, traditionally made from burghul, tomatoes, capsicums (peppers) and fresh herbs. Hande Bozdoğan, the lovely founder of the Istanbul Culinary Institute, gave me her version, which is both sweet (from the beetroot) and sour (from the pomegranate molasses and balsamic vinegar). The pomegranate molasses used to dress this salad is very different from pomegranate juice, and far more like a thick vinegar. Do not overlook it because it has a unique sweet–sour flavour.

Turkish delight ice-cream timbals

This dessert is a mash up between Turkish delight and ice-cream. Make it the day before your dinner party and wow your guests by topping these pretty little timbals with soft clouds of Persian fairy floss, pomegranate seeds, pistachios and berries. Simple, stylish and oh-so delicious. 

Turkish dumplings with yoghurt sauce (manti)

Manti is a traditional Turkish dish of tiny pasta shapes stuffed with a lamb mince and onion mixture that are dressed in a yoghurt sauce. Here we’re cheating a bit by buying already prepared raviolini (tiny ravioi). The process of toasting the pasta before cooking in stock completely changes its taste and texture. This could be the best comfort food ever.